These pictures were taken in 1898-1899 by a Doctor Hendron from Kentucky, who traveled out through the west before going into practice;  this is what I was told, So the photos could be anywhere.  Click on the name and that will take you to the photo.  Since none of these are any of my people I have labeled or named them as a guess.  Ten or fifteen were labeled.  --C. Richard Matthews

Arch Eagle Gate Salt Lake  This is Eagle Gate that is in Salt Lake at this time. Identified

Cemetery  I think this is where Brigham Young is buried?

School  This is Brigham Young school?

Family Who? Where?

Oregon1 Bluffs on Columbia River, I have been told this is Crown Point in 1898

River   Unknown

Salt Lake  This is in Salt Lake City statue of Brigham Young. Identified

Swimming  I have no ideal except they are nude!

Temple This is the Salt Lake Mormon Temple and Tabernacle. Identified

Temple inside     It says Utah under the star. This is inside of the Tabernacle. Identified

Camp  Varilla Coal Camp Bell Co KY

Woman3 Black Woman or Indian

Town  Someone said this was Salt Lake City in the 1800's. Anyone know? Said there was a photo in Flying J truckstop like this.

Road  Wilderness Road?

Coal Camp  Where?

Camp Houses  Where?

Swimming2  Same nude swimmers

Men Working  Drilling for oil or gas?

Family2  Under rock house where? May be Creech Girls in Bell County KY

Women2  Family group picture Who Where?

Woman2  Who Where on a creek?

Woman 4 Who?

Tipple1 Where?

Store Where? People on porch?

Coal Camp 2  Where?

Oneonta Bluff  O.R.& N.R.R. Columbia River

Village  Where?

Columbia River What state?

Tipple2 mine cars, man Who? Where?

Women 3 Who Where? Same ones in Family2. May be Creech Girls in Bell County KY

Class 1  School class Where?

Speedwell School  Where? Sally Dudley Teacher.

Tipple 3  Railroad car has & NA on it Where?

Water Fall   Where?

Wood Bridge   Where?

Old House   Where? Who's?

Fish Wheel  On Columbia River in Oregon

Fish Wheel 2 On Columbia River in Oregon

Building Trestle  Railroad?

In Camp  Near Goldendale Washington

Family 3   Who?  Where?

2 Men and a Woman  Who?  Where?

Family 4  Who?  Where?

Forest Fire  This is near Corbett Oregon

Chestnut Hunters  Speedwell KY? labeled so.

Reed Hotel Says Reed Hotel and Opera House where: Salem OR built in 1869.

Girl on pony  Who and where?

Court House  Where?

Putting out fire  Where: Albany OR same building seen in parade Given to Albany Historical Society

Outlaws  Who and where?

Baby  Who and where?

Girls  All dressed up no place to go Who and Where?

Girls Four of them Who Where?

Union Soldier  Who where?

Bridge Where?

Building Coal camp office?

Map USA looks like in a school room?

Man  unknown man who and where?

Woman unknown woman who and where?

Store Waters  Goldendale WA

Young boy Unknown

Band at Albany, OR. Given to Albany Historical Society

Snowball fight 4 July 1899 Larch Mt, OR at 8000 ft.

Meeting  unknown men with ribbons on suits at an outdoor meeting. Where and who are any of these?

Waterfall ? where and why is it worth taking a photo of?

Young boy  Unknown

Photographer  who where?

Photo Crew  who where?

Woman  who where?

Women in the woods who and where? May be Creech Girls Bell County KY

Riders riding the plow mules who where?

Baby2 who?

Woman  who and where?

Girl Unknown

Man Unknown Jesse James may have been taken in KY.

Man at stream out west where? who?

Pillars of Hercules on Columbia River in OR

House and farm  where?

Goldendale WA Mt Adams in distant but was drawn in on glass negative.

Family Unknown

People  Marked Soda Spring near Goldendale WA

Logs in River  This I think is the log boom and logs in Cumberland Rive, Wasioto, Bell Co KY

Larch Trees  Marked Larch Trees on Larch Mt. near Brower OR

Parade  This is a parade in Albany OR, Given to Albany Historical Society

Farm House  Unknown

Houses in community  Uknown

Map Brandywine  Maps of NJ and Brandywine Civil War?

Waterfall and Mine  This looks like some kind of a mine. Has timbers holding up rock.

Street Car  This is an Albany OR Street Car.

Band Tournament This is in Albany OR

Painting Cupid and Venus  Says its an Albany OR painting.

Family on bridge  Unknown

Men and boys  Taken in front of an old country store. Advertisement for Friedman Shoes

WaterFall  Says its Latourelle Falls Columbia River.

Henry Clay House 1898 Lexington KY.

Family group photo Unknown

Klickitat River Goldendale WA

Mt Hood 1898 taken from unknown

Mother and Daughter Unknown

Little Girl  Unknown

Sedas Pass taken from Goldendale WA

Threshing Wheat 1898 Goldendale WA

House Unknown

Graywolds Store Albany OR

Salmon fisherman has a 60lb one.

Old Folks an older couple maybe in Bell Co KY.

Young Man proably in Bell Co KY

Young Man 2 proably in Bell Co KY

Older Lady proably in Bell Co KY

Picture framed on a wall. Proably Bell Co KY

Little Girl in a chair.

Man in the woods

Boy/Girl brother and sister?

Ghost woman and double exposer of baby

Baby sitting on home made chair

Young woman all dress up for a party

Two girls out of a crowd

Little girl sitting on telephone table

Three ladies mother and two daughters?

Lake Pond de O'reille Idaho

Goldendale WA looking north 1898

Wetemas Rock near Goldendale WA

Klickitat Valley taken from Mt Wetemas

Another Map of MA, RI, part of VT and NH

Man holding baby

Woman holding baby

Two men looking out window

House  where?

Parade Albany OR

Cascade Falls on Columbia River looks like town on other side of river

Multnomah Falls in Oregon ?

Sea Shell  homemade display for item from the sea

Throw at the Bottles looks like a party

Three young men

Black Familywoman3 above maybe be part of this family

River could be the Cumberland at Bell Co KY

Stream with man standing on a log

Carpender tools in case 1800s

Child taken in a house

Three Children in a house

Man where or who ?

Old woman who or where

Rock formation on a mountain somewhere

Wilderness Road taken (south of Pineville KY now) when taken it was north of.

Young lady who and where

Young Man maybe an Asher

Not at New York just a back drop canvas

Old woman and younger female maybe daughter or daughter in law

Waterfall in mountain looks like the one at an old silver mine in Cumberland Mt

Dogwood guess the photographer liked it

Little girl setting on a table

Little girl photo is not a photo of a picture

Baby beening held by someone

Small girl who and where

Little girl photo 1 and photo 2

Young man maybe an Asher

Young man maybe an Asher

Young man maybe an Asher

Two young men not in New York painted canvas back drop

Road I believe this is going south through Cumberland Gap to Tennessee


Halloween  boy with face colored

Train  this is out west somewhere

Outlaw  one of the James gang?

Standing under waterfalls

Mother with 2 kids

Three women